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Cavell Star Awards

''We’re very proud to be supporting Cavell Nurses’ Trust with the Cavell Star Awards. Our focus this year is to promote and recognise the hard work and efforts of agency nurses. Increasingly we hear of agency nurses and midwives being treated differently, feeling undervalued and not being welcomed by colleagues when they travel to different places of work. This feedback is mirrored by our own workers, who have had similar experiences. Our nurses in particular, often travel very long distances at extremely short notice to help hospitals and patients when they need it most and we believe it is the existence of agency work that protects hospitals and patients when they are faced with staff shortages and increasing demand and offers a flexible working option that allows many nurses to remain nursing – and earning.

There is a growing misconception that agency nurses solely choose this path because of enhanced pay rates. However a recent survey of 23,578 nurses across the Independent Clinical Services group, demonstrated that a significant number chose agency work for the flexibility it offers, with many citing that agency work allows them to care for their children. Nurses choose agency work for a variety of reasons and it is important that we appreciate and support this choice.

We are proud of each and every member of our Guild team and we hope that our efforts will help give all agency nurses the recognition they deserve. No matter what type of nurse you are, who you work for or whether you choose substantive, bank or agency work, we believe you should all be treated the same.''

Sara James
Chief Operating Officer 

An inspiring new national awards programme, Cavell Star Awards are given to nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who shine bright and show exceptional care to one of three groups of people:

Their colleagues
They’re the loyal team mate who cares when you’re having a tough day, the person that puts their arm around the whole team.

Their patients
The trusty colleague who ensures their patients are always safe, comfortable and informed.

Patients’ families
They go the extra mile to make certain patients’ families also feel part of the care journey.

At Thornbury Nursing & the Guild we feel passionate about shining the light on the amazing work of agency nurses, midwives and HCAs, who often receive negative representation simply for choosing flexible work. We've teamed up with the Cavell Nurses' Trust to help make this happen and we would like your support in doing so.

Who will you nominate?
If you know an agency nurse, midwife or HCA, help Thornbury & the Guild to get them recognised. Please nominate them on the Cavell Star Award's website here.

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