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What our agency workers say about the Guild

We receive regular positive feedback from our agency workers. Here are some of our latest reviews.

“I’m very grateful to work for a prestigious agency. All staff in the Belfast office are so heart-warming, cheerful and very professional. Soar high SNG!

Scottish Nursing Guild is the best agency. Very happy to work with them.

I have been with the Guild since 2017 and went full time in 2018. Loving the variety of shifts, I am so happy I have made the change. I feel so supported and love the rates of pay – best decision I ever made!

worked for SNG for 2 years as a HCA while I was a student nurse. The Guild are a pleasure to work for, the excellent pay rates are just a bonus! I got so much extra experience that I wouldn’t have got solely from university placements. I enjoyed being able to care for people in a variety of different settings and locations across Scotland. The call centre team are very supportive and always available to answer any queries. I also loved the Quick Nurse app for quickly booking shifts and changing my availability. I couldn’t recommend SNG more to work for especially for student nurses. I am now starting as a registered nurse with increased confidence and looking forward to returning to the Guild shortly as a staff nurse. Thank you for all of your help through the years see you soon!

Worked with the Guild for nearly three years I can honestly say they are the most polite and caring people I have ever spoke to. Nothing is a bother to them unlike myself who panicked one day because I was going to be five mins late. I phoned and they told me to take my time and drive carefully they would phone the ward and let them know. Lovely people thanks for having me.

Love the Guild. Wish I had joined years ago. Feel we are valued as a profession and for the first time in 37 years I get decent pay. I can have some time off and not panic about bills. Pure magic.

I’ve never felt so content in my entire nursing career (24 years) since becoming full time with Guild. My life has been more balanced and the financial freedom it has given me is just amazing! Thank you to all the staff at the call centre, you are so helpful!

Have been with SNG since 2015. Find they are always helpful and courteous. Pay is very good. Never any hassle or late payments. They provide education and shifts are plentiful. Could never go back to the routine of permanent contract work. I would thoroughly recommend working for the Guild.

SNG are a great nursing agency. Helpful, polite and pleasant, it’s so easy to send in your pay slip. They are always just a phone call away.

The Scottish Nursing Guild is a great company to work for with a superb 24 hour team on hand. I have recommended a few of my friends and work colleagues to join their team.

I love working with the Nursing Guild. Been working with them couple years now. They look after their nurses and all nurses look after one another. Enjoyable place to work, it’s pleasure to do shifts with Guild.

I love working for SNG. The office staff in Belfast are so helpful and friendly as are the staff in Scotland. Wish I had joined a lot sooner.

A pleasure to work for. The call centre staff are fab, helpful and make u feel at ease. Excellent company!