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Scottish Quick Nurse

Here at The Guild, we make extensive use of the latest technology to provide an accessible, quick and accurate service to clients and nurses alike.

Our online service Scottish Quick Nurse enables clients to monitor our progress filling their shift requirements in real-time, as well as providing compliancy information specifically tailored to individual trust requirements. Our agency staff can manage their diaries, Access high quality, voluntary training and view outstanding shift requests using this innovative software.


  • View shift requests as they ‘go-live’ allowing you to pick and choose where and when you work.
  • Manage your own diary
  • Complete voluntary training online
  • Contact individual departments with your queries


  • Have access to all your shift requests and see in real-time when filled
  • Instant access to nurse profiles tailored to your requirements: great for audits or out- of-hours requests
  • Access to management information to see just how quickly we fill your shifts

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